NAVIS Narrowcast Optimizes Your Reservations Productivity and Drives New Leisure Revenue

With the innovative NAVIS Narrowcast technologies, the integrated Best Practices, and our hands-on Client Advocate Consulting Team, you will bring in more leisure revenue from your inbound calls. You will know more about what's going on with your business than ever before, and be able to make smarter decisions that lead to greater success.

Instead of converting 3 out of every 10 inbound calls, and ignoring the other 7 (see the graph below), we can help you increase your inbound conversion to 4 and 5 and higher. And with the help of our outbounding Best Practices, you can convert another 1 or 2 on top of that. As your success with The NAVIS Way improves, you will go from needing 10 calls to book 3, to only needing 5 or 6 calls to book 3. Imagine what that can do for the bottom line at your resort or hotel.

Add to that the ability to finally measure both your online and offline marketing and reallocate your marketing spend to what is working've got the perfect solution for being more successful.


Download The NAVIS Case Studies. Examples of NAVIS clients and the successes they have realized.
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