Client Advocate

Your Professional Business Coach


Until you experience the real success that your NAVIS Client Advocate brings to you and your resort or hotel, it's difficult to fully appreciate their role. The best way to look at your CA is as your professional business coach. While no one knows your business as well as you, your NAVIS Client Advocate can help you get the most from the NAVIS Reservation Sales System and the NAVIS Best Practices.

Your CA becomes your trusted advisor who can share with you what works and what doesn't, what has proven to increase revenue and what hasn't. With the reporting tools available to your CA such as the Key Performance Indicators, your CA can pinpoint exactly where your company is missing opportunities for more leisure revenue and help you stay on the track to success.

Plus, NAVIS CAs bring with them an extensive background in the hospitality industry and business. Combine that with the knowledge they've gained from working directly with other NAVIS clients and you've got an invaluable source of expertise to help you be more successful. And the best part is, their services are included with NAVIS Narrowcast.

Brutal Honesty

Your CA's purpose (in fact, it's the purpose of the entire company) is your success. To accomplish that, your CA will use something not seen enough in business - honesty, even if it's brutal. In order to save you from committing reservation suicide, they may have to tell you some things you don't want to hear...about how someone you thought was your star performer is actually costing you money and should be put in another seat...about how you need to be more involved and stop delegating everything to your lieutenant. We've had numerous clients tell us their CA has saved the day, more than once.

Your NAVIS Client Advocate will keep you moving in the right direction - The NAVIS Way. Let's look at how NAVIS Narrowcast incorporates Coaching of your reservation agents.

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