Low-Hanging Revenue For Your
Resort Or Hotel


NAVIS Narrowcast is a lean, mean, data gathering machine that captures extensive information about your guests and your not-booked callers. One of the best ways to leverage this data and gain significant new leisure revenue, especially in the short term, it to implement an outbound sales strategy - what we call Outbounding.

Outbounding has proven to be extremely successful with NAVIS clients (see sidebar). Initially, nearly all didn't think their reservations staff had the capability to implement a successful outbounding program. But with the help and guidance from their NAVIS Client Advocate, NAVIS clients are finding out how to identify the most appropriate people on their staff, how to train them, and the Best Practices for converting more to reservations.

Best of all, NAVIS Narrowcast can be configured to automatically rank your leads using standard or custom criteria. With the built-in weighting system which is easily modified, you can quickly identify the best leads for follow up, thus optimizing the productivity of your Outbound agents.

A key element of an effective Outbounding program is the contact information. NAVIS Narrowcast provides a built-in CRM platform called ELM - Enhanced Lead Management.

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