Real-Time CRM Data Marketing System

Smart companies are sending the right message to profiled contacts at the right time to drive direct demand and increase leisure revenue like never before. NAVIS Reach is the only hospitality solution that accomplishes this feat, with expertise built in to every solution.

NAVIS Reach is a powerful data machine that bridges your existing booking systems, profiles your target and presents your message on a serving platter that really gets results. Stop squandering your precious time and ad dollars and instead, hit the mark with accurate CRM marketing. Here’s how it all works…

hotel marketing automation

Hotel sales and marketing automation So Much Data

NAVIS Reach is a mighty data engine that plays nice with all of your existing software – PMS, Spa and Golf reservation systems and more. It organizes all of this data in to one, user-friendly, very powerful CRM and marketing platform. In less than seconds, NAVIS Reach is then able to profile the right people with all sorts of filters. Quickly merge guest profiles by household, recognizing one home address. It gets to know your guests and creates guest personas based on their behaviors, preferences and attributes. It easily scrubs your mailing lists of future bookings when using discount messaging to prevent attrition. Corporate entities can even have multiple properties on their account and control what the individual users at the property level access. This tried and true platform allows you to reach the right people at the right time with the right message and has made countless millions of dollars in previously untapped revenue for NAVIS clients.


Hospitality marketing automation The Touch

In 3-2-1… liftoff! Included in NAVIS Reach is the free of charge e-targeting platform to put all of this data in to action. You can profile recipients in all sorts of configurations, custom design and send a campaign to their inbox in less than 5 minutes. It’s that easy – though we typically recommend an additional 5 minutes to spell check and such. The NAVIS Reach CRM can target past guests who golf in the mornings, frequent guests with an ADR of more than $600, and people who haven’t even booked before (see NarrowCast for this perk). Touch them with one-time messages or ongoing campaigns. Automated e-mail campaigns will even re-run the send list automatically to maintain only the freshest data, for the best results. Explore the many ways NAVIS Reach StayCycle and LifeCycle campaigns will boost your bottom line and have your direct channel humming.


Marketing for hotels, Marketing for resorts Expertise

NAVIS Reach Pro Services are your favorite kind of people. They’re the best and brightest marketers in the hospitality industry, doing everything from building your e-marketing strategy and custom e-marketing templates to analyzing your success with you, real-time. You’ll know exactly what you’re doing right and exactly how much (previously undiscovered) revenue you’re raking in. It seems obvious to point out, but they’re also always nearby. With regularly scheduled sessions or just being a phone call away they’re pretty much your new best friend. You really can’t lose with CRM marketing and NAVIS ProServices on your team.



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