Professional Reservation Call Center Services For Your Resort Or Hotel

What first has to happen to get a reservation over the phone for your resort or hotel? You have to answer it! If you are not answering your inbound calls 24/7, you are missing out on 23.5%* of your reservation opportunities. That's nearly a quarter of all your calls and a lot of leisure revenue. However you do the math, that's a lot of reservations lost to your competitors. The answer? The NAVIS RezForce resort or hotel call center.

For more than 100 lodging providers in North America, NAVIS RezForce® is answering calls and booking reservations - after-hours and during the day. The NAVIS RezForce professional call center and reservation booking service is exclusively focused on the lodging industry - no cruise calls, no credit card calls... nothing but hospitality reservations.


Multiple Services To Meet Your Needs


NAVIS RezForce

Our most popular service, NAVIS RezForce automatically routes after-hours and overflow calls to our highly trained call center staff. What we don’t book gets passed along to you in the form of a detailed lead for follow up by your staff.



If you operate a 4 or 5-Star, or 4 or 5-Diamond property, NAVIS RezForce LUX is specifically designed to satisfy the specific criteria needed to maintain your prestigious status.



A hybrid product offering, NAVIS RezCast is designed to take all of your reservation calls and eliminate the need for you to hire and manage your own call center. In addition, NAVIS RezCast offers detailed marketing tracking so that you will know which campaigns are working and which aren’t.


Professional Reservations Call Center Staff

NAVIS professional Reservations Sales Agents are highly trained and carefully measured on numerous key metrics. Each staff member focuses on NAVIS clients in specific regions, enabling maximum knowledge of each client's property and details about the region. In many cases, the NAVIS professional call center staff is able to achieve reservation conversion rates as high or higher than our client's sales staff.

Our sophisticated telephone technology enables our professional Reservations Sales Agents to answer each call using the same distinctive greeting as your staff. Each agent utilizes dual screens and advanced tools that automatically display your website, booking engine, terms, FAQ and other information specific to your property.