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Started in Bend, Oregon in 1987, NAVIS began providing call management services to the lodging and corporate housing industries. Two decades and a thousand clients later, our products have evolved to include a suite of innovative, proven products and services that enable hotels and resorts to be more successful than ever before - the NAVIS Way.

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The Only Hospitality Sales & Marketing System That Guarantees More . . .
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Core Purpose

To serve by leading our clients and our team members to increasing levels of success.

Core Values

  • Golden Rule
    • Treat others as you would want to be treated
  • Integrity
    • A person of your word; highly trusted
  • Innovation
    • Open and involved in creating or executing on "new"
  • Passion
    • Love the TEAM, the clients and the work we do
  • Attitude
    • Consistently display a positive, can-do attitude



We use technology and best practices to convert more reservations, capture and convert more leads, optimize your online and offline marketing, and capture calls 24/7 - all leading to dramatically more leisure revenue.

Expert help when you need it

NAVIS ProServices offer clients professional solutions to problems involving specific areas of expertise. When you need help with a particular discipline that is either outside your core knowledge or that requires time and resources you can’t spare, NAVIS ProServices is here to help.

Your NAVIS Client Advocate will assist you in determining when it might be appropriate for you to take advantage of NAVIS ProServices. Following a discussion of your requirements, we will be happy to provide you with a detailed proposal outlining the steps involved, the scope of work, a timeline and the deliverables.

NAVIS is committed to developing a comprehensive suite of ProServices, so check back often to see if we offer what you are looking for.


The NAVIS ProServices experts can take NAVIS Reach users' marketing efforts from good to incredible. By getting to know your marketing goals they’ll develop the necessary program that meets your needs. Say you need to fill some rooms in the shoulder season - they can design and send a targeted e-mail campaign that includes data mining, custom template design, and more. Or maybe you need an automatic process set up to touch your guests prior to booking, pre-arrival, on-property and post-stay. Whatever your marketing needs, NAVIS Reach ProServices can do it for you. Check out more information on NAVIS Reach ProServices or ask us some questions through the “I’m Interested” button at the top.


Revenue Management


NAVIS ProServices provides hospitality Revenue Management business practices and processes designed to enable clients to achieve revenue goals by identifying strategic and tactical opportunities.

We partner with your revenue team to execute business solutions that drive revenue and profit.

Are You…

  • Looking for additional revenue opportunities to enhance your sales and marketing efforts?
  • Struggling to find the right person to lead your revenue management team?
  • Concerned your revenue management reports are not providing the visibility needed to make and support your strategic decisions?
  • Training a new manager and need help?
  • Worried that money is being left on the table?
  • Using analytics that make sure you offer the right prices to highly price sensitive guests, while protecting rates for those willing to pay higher rates?
  • Taking into account profit per room vs revenue?

NAVIS ProServices Revenue Management is the answer.

“Since Pam took on the role of Corporate Director of Revenue Management for Sterling Resorts in March 2013, we have seen a 2% increase in revenue and a 4% ADR increase over a banner year in 2012. She has provided weekly booking pace, daily pick up, as well as competitive pricing, market segment, and not booked analysis tools that provided the visibility needed to keep the team focused on a strategic revenue plan. The new tools along with her leadership style has made our pace meetings more interactive and resulted in better accountability from the revenue team. We have also seen better communication and teamwork, which has strengthened the relationship between the call center sales team and resort rental managers. We see Pam as a true champion of revenue management for Sterling Resorts and look forward to continued success in 2014.”

Ron Mote
Senior Vice President of Operations
Sterling Resorts



Jocelyn Harris: Our firm signed up for Navis after a devastating year of problems with both our old crm and an unfortunate online attack campaign by an unscrupulous competitor. A search for our company name revealed a litany of bogus "reviews" and slanderous comments on sketchy websites. On Google's page one, were stories of child abuse and sexual misconduct supposedly perpetrated by management personnel along with negative reviews of our partner program. We were unable to remove the content sources and these search results were populating a very visible portion of Google's results. Customers were asking about these posts and I'm sure we lost sales and other opportunities to engage with potential partners as a result. We contacted a number of reputation management firms who claimed they could remove these problem search results for a pretty hefty fee. A well recommended independent contractor who focused on search results removals exclusively was also approached, but all these solutions were financially onerous. In the end, we were forced to change our name and start over, which is where Navis comes in. They did a fantastic job of enabling our sales team with software solutions that perfectly fit our corporate culture and permitted us to expand our reach beyond our traditional markets. These guys know their stuff!


Joy Taylor: We provide affiliate leads for a vacation rental business in Maui and Navis's posts are right on the money in terms of providing actionable suggestions and guidance for our specific industry. We especially liked the post that discussed the "Less Than Zero" attitude that many entrepreneurs tend to default to when it comes to investment in customer service once a sale has been made. That post pushed back on that attitude of doing nothing, or worse, doing less than nothing and referenced a hugely interesting article "In Search of Nothing" which covers the notion of nothing as a philosophy that has both an ancient and modern spin. I realize I'm off on a tangent here, but wanted to share my enlightenment with anyone who may be interested in a compelling philosophical treatise. I never realized that the ancient philosophers held the concept of "nothing" in such high esteem, deriving important ideas including the existence of God (and the opposite) using logical arguments based on the definition of nothing. So you can see how Navis has not only provided productive advice to our business, but also encouraged us to broaden out view of the world in ways we would have thought to be unimaginable previously.




Travel Trends Position Vacation Rental Operators to Increase Revenue with a Personalized Guest Experience

How Can VRs Engage Travelers and Address the OTA Challenge? With Solutions that Help Deliver a Personalized Guest Experience that Adds Value
May 5, 2015
Today’s travel trends put vacation rental (VR) professionals in an enviable position--they are in the right place at the right time. Guest demands, expectations and market trends are bringing many opportunities for revenue gains. What can VR operators do to leverage the trends? This:

  •  Focus on the personalized travel experience that guests are demanding in increasing numbers.
  • Take the opportunity to turn OTA-caused "distribution disruption" on its head. As online travel agencies (OTAs) compete for booking dominance, vacation rental operators can leverage technology to capture OTA-sourced bookings and transform them into loyal guests for life.

As savvy vacation rental managers know, it takes more than good luck to succeed. The right place/right time advantage only translates into increased revenue with the right strategy executed. In the words of a leading vacation rental manager, "We have to make our brand stand out on all levels if we want to compete."
Technology and best practices from NAVIS help VR operators do that. NAVIS gives VRs effective customer relationship management (CRM) tools that:

  • Collect and centralize guest data across all distribution channels (including OTAs) for fast, simplified responses that increase conversion.
  • Identify the hottest leads among multi-channel inquiries for single-point replies.
  • Create relevant, personalized one-to-one messaging for each point of guest contact.

With the right tools, vacation rental operators of all sizes can personalize interactions with their prospects from the very first inquiry. Operators can launch effective 1-to-1 email messages to guests based on when they prefer to travel, where they like to stay, and their preferred activities.

It's all about them, not you!
Led by Millennials, the vast majority of today's travelers (66%) are between 18-48, according to Hudson Crossing. Baby Boomers make up another 29%. Their stated preferences make them prime VR prospects:

  • They seek to explore their destination and soak up local ambience.
  • They often combine business and pleasure, commonly referred to as bleisure.
  • They frequently travel with multigenerational friends and family, often called framily travel.
  • Most of all, they want a personalized experience that caters to their individual tastes and interests.

VRs are perfectly positioned to deliver an experience that reflects trending tastes, such as homes and condos nestled in neighborhoods; properties that encourage exploration of local venues; and a warmer, more personal ambiance than a transient hotel stay.
Mt Hood Vacation Rental converts increased OTA competition to repeat business with NAVIS lead management
"OTA reservation growth has been scary in our markets," admits Betsy LaBarge, president and CEO of Mt. Hood Vacation Rentals (MHVR). "Many vacation rental operators in our area feel they do not have the brand awareness necessary to compete, so they rely completely on OTAs."
LaBarge oversees 30 units at Mt. Hood, located 50 miles southeast of Portland, Oregon. Her company has been a NAVIS customer for 15 years. Mt. Hood Vacation Rentals is in growth mode and competition has heated up in the past year. The local market’s vacation rental supply has tripled due to growing popularity and the past economic downturn that prompted more owners to rent out their vacation homes. 
Like many VR operators, LaBarge works with a few specific OTAs to meet the competitive challenge, although many OTAs compete in her market. “One online site targets budget traveler. This is not a fit for our $500/night units, so we list a handful of our most popular, lower priced rental homes here. We hand pick individual units to list on our OTA sites, then convert the guests to Mt. Hood Vacation Rental clients for repeat business. We do this during their stay by delivering a personalized local experience they value. They remember us, not the OTA."
Vacation rental industry leader Alan Hammond recently confirmed the market trend. "In the race for a competitive edge, control of the marketplace, and profit from vacation rentals, OTAs, rather than promoting management brands, often seem to undervalue or ignore...guest services." In place of personal service, they offer volume business to vacation rental operators. But once they are established in an industry like vacation rental, OTAs often increase subscription fees, add transaction charges, and consolidate their power as large companies swallow up competitors.

Vacation rental operators are countering OTA competitors with tools that help them automate and strengthen what they do best – create a personalized experience from the first inquiry contact.
Intracoastal Rentals is known for its attractive units along North Carolina’s beaches. Luke A. Waddell, Operations Manager for Intracoastal said, “We list units online with VRBO and several other channels. We use NAVIS’ Listing Lead Management solution to consolidate incoming leads from the various web sources. The online leads come directly into our NAVIS reservation system, which indicates the unit, date, and other details important to the booking. This helps us respond to leads much more quickly. Our faster lead response increases our conversions. With NAVIS’ technology and coaching, our inbound call conversions increased from 20 percent to 43 percent.”
Automated email response boosts conversion rate – ‘We do not miss leads'
Mt. Hood’s LaBarge implemented NAVIS personalized lead response solutions to take back control of Mt. Hood Vacation Rentals’ guest data and respond to inquiries faster for a higher conversion rate:
•          NAVIS’ Listing Lead Management (LLM) system captures information from OTA inquiries in NAVIS’ Narrowcast reservation sales system. Inquiries are color-coded to identify the source of the lead for fast, single point response to increase conversions.
•          LLM consolidates data from multiple inquiries into one "household persona" to identify preferences for personalized communications.
•          LLM alerts reservation staff to new inquiries on the NAVIS Narrowcast Dashboard with a real-time summary of the prospect's information and inquiry details.
•          When staff are unavailable, NAVIS’ Auto Agent auto response system generates an attractive, personalized email based on the requested date, unit, and property detail. NAVIS Narrowcast tracks whether the prospect opened or forwarded the email.
•          Unlike responses generated by OTA sites, "Auto Agent responds with an email bearing our logo, our branding, and our units only," explains LaBarge. "If the requested property is not available, Auto Agent sends a response with photos and descriptions of similar units. If we're sold out, the email offers an apology and alternate dates."
"We do not miss leads with LLM," continues LaBarge. "The consolidated information allows us to understand the prospect's style and needs. OTAs can't match this. We respond faster and that equates to more business." Numbers tell the story. OTAs generally log a 6% conversion rate. LaBarge reports a 10% conversion rate with her Auto Agent responder.
Personalized service = loyalty: 'People want to be recognized and valued'
NAVIS Reach real-time CRM tracks and responds to specific guest preferences. Effective Reach CRM data collection from multiple third-party sources--whether online or over the phone—builds a close relationship based on guest history so that communications from LaBarge and her team always reflect 1-to-1 messaging based on each person's preferences.
Tracking guest preferences is especially important when a VR's "season" is scattered throughout the year. That's the challenge for Joyce Warwick, reservation manager for Georgia Mountain Rentals, north of Atlanta. She handles 90 privately held homes and has been a NAVIS customer since August 2014.
"Summer is high season," Warwick says. "We're also busy in October and early November during the local Oktoberfest. Our larger homes fill during winter holidays and the 1-2 bedroom units are popular for Valentine's Day. Although some units are good year round, we have a very slow winter period." Under those circumstances, guest preferences and loyalty are crucial. "We have lots of repeat business," she says. "Creating a personal, local guest experience sets us apart. Even if guests find us through an OTA, they enjoy their stay and often book directly with us for the following year while they are here."
Mt. Hood’s LaBarge says that "NAVIS Reach helps us gather guest data so we can track why they came to us. When a guest calls, we can see that person's lead form with information about past stays. We understand a guest's needs based on what they did their last time with us. This strengthens the relationship. People want to be recognized and valued."
Waddell at Intracoastal Rentals agrees, “We rely on NAVIS’ systems to help us recognize our repeat guests the moment they call in to ask about availability. Our inventory is unique, each unit is different. The NAVIS system communicates with our phone system to recognize a caller’s phone number and instantly display their stay history, preferences, and units.  Our agents are well trained and coached by NAVIS, but having caller information in front of our staff establishes instant recognition and makes their contact with us more personal. NAVIS is important to our high conversion rate.”

NAVIS Reach boosts VR's conversion rate to 25-60%
NAVIS’ Reach CRM also supercharges Mt. Hood Vacation Rentals’ marketing operations. "We used to use Excel and crunch the past stay data and numbers ourselves," says LaBarge. "Now we store guest attributes in our NAVIS Reach database. We know what our guests like." She and her team fine-tune email marketing to touch each guest based on factors such as special events, leisure activities, or favorite season.
"We have 150 campaigns, each with a unique toll-free number generated by Narrowcast to track reservations and the revenue they generate,” explains LaBarge. "That includes specific numbers on Facebook to track social media promotions. Imagine knowing how much a Facebook posting is worth. These leads are recorded in NAVIS Reach to measure each campaign’s success, and for future marketing." NAVIS Reach makes small, targeted campaigns an efficient marketing option. "I may have emails going to only 100 people," she says, "but my campaign makes them think of us and they do come back."
This type of revenue measurement is key to guest-centric email marketing, according to Jason Ring, NAVIS Data Marketing System Consultant. "Old email functionality does not trace money," he explains. "Today we measure each campaign's revenue, open rates, and click-throughs. Operators can invest their marketing budget in the most profitable channels. 
Mt. Hood Vacation Rentals also learned from NAVIS, and internally trains new hires and coaches its reservation team on best practices to book prospects. Again, conversion numbers tell the story. "Most team members start out with a 25-30% conversion rate," according to LaBarge.  "But since March 2015, April inbound conversion for the team through today is 47.9%.   I can tell you our average is 46.7%. One team member converted at 70% and paid her entire rent with her bonus. The NAVIS system absolutely works for us."
With an effective strategy and the tools to implement it, vacation rental operators are making the most of their right place/right time advantage in the evolving travel market. They prove the adage that the difference between challenge and opportunity is a shift in perception.


NAVIS Launches 2 Enhancements to Increase Bookings for Vacation Rental Operators
February 5, 2015
NAVIS Launches 2 Enhancements to Increase Bookings for
Vacation Rental Operators
NAVIS Listing Lead Management for Narrowcast Automatically Consolidates Leads
from HomeAway, VRBO, FlipKey and more

Auto-Agent Provides Custom Automated Inquiry Follow-Up with Photos

February 5, 2015 – NAVIS announced the launch of two new enhancements that will make more money for Vacation Rental managers.

NAVIS’ new Listing Lead Management (LLM) for Narrowcast consolidates all inquiry data from email and phone requests from the same household into one lead record. This allows reservations agents to follow up on inquiries quicker and easier. Listing Lead Management interfaces with VRBO, HomeAway and FlipKey.

NAVIS’ new Auto-Agent enhancement automatically intelligently responds to close business faster. Responses utilize inquiry triggers such as dates of stay, unit availability and more with completely customizable templates. Vacation Rental managers can also track if the recipient opened or forwarded the auto response email to enable agent follow-up, if necessary.
Click here to learn more about NAVIS solutions and services.

The popularity of Vacation Rental listing sites like HomeAway and VRBO has skyrocketed. Expedia is also adding VRs as they increasingly compete in hospitality markets. These and other sites send an avalanche of lead inquiries to Vacation Rental managers’ inboxes. NAVIS solutions enable operators to convert more of this new distribution strategy.

“NAVIS’ two new enhancements solve the problem of unmanageable lead volume for our Vacation Rental clients,” said Michelle Marquis, NAVIS vice president marketing and strategic initiatives. “Three years ago, only 6 percent of our clients’ leads came from online listing sites like HomeAway, VRBO and FlipKey. Today the proportion of business from these sites averages 25 percent. Operators across the country report they can only convert 5 percent of this avalanche of leads. NAVIS’ two new solutions will enable vacation rental operators to capture more of the 95 percent revenue left on the table.”

Listing Lead Management will be available to NAVIS clients February 17, 2015.
NAVIS will begin setup of Auto-Agent for clients on February 24, 2015.

Marquis said, “LLM acts on inquiries directly from HomeAway’s software without manual input by agents. The result is a fast, almost real-time, response that enables agents to close more business. LLM is designed for NAVIS vacation rental clients that use Narrowcast to access HomeAway, FlipKey and/or VRBO.

“Auto-Agent automated responses have a ‘book it’ button and are easily customized with ‘push to call’ and ’push to chat’ for agent interaction. NAVIS also provides attractive templates for responses that operators can customize with HTML graphics. Auto-Agent automatically pulls appropriate photos of the unit being requested for a very attractive offering customized for each vacation rental operator. NAVIS’ new solutions enable VRs to manage and respond to many different types of inquiries more elegantly. Now our Vacation Rental clients will have a comprehensive solution for lead capture and revenue generation from listing site leads.”

Want to learn more about how to convert that avalanche of leads into increased revenue? Vacation Rental companies are invited to a free webinar on Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015 from 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST to learn about the latest tricks and tools to better manage listing inquiries and drive more bookings. Click here to register.



NAVIS White Paper Outlines Formula for Maximum Direct Channel Revenue

Do You Leave 60% of Potential Bookings on the Table? Learn How Drive + Capture + Convert = Dramatic Leisure Revenue Growth
January 6, 2015 – Properties generate millions of dollars with a revenue-producing formula revealed in a newly-released white paper from NAVIS. "How to Drive, Capture, and Convert Demand with Integrated Revenue Generation Processes," describes how real hoteliers tap the full potential of their direct sales channel for dramatic leisure revenue increases.
"Travelers may research their trip on their mobile devices and laptops," said Michelle Marquis, NAVIS SVP. "But research shows 8 out of 10 rooms get booked through the direct channel. Guests want the reassurance of human interaction. This is especially true when the stay is high consideration – important, complicated, or expensive."
Why work for revenue when business is booming?
The average daily rate (ADR) has never been higher and RevPAR is up. Good news! But what about net profit? When you tally up the cost of acquiring each guest, is your revenue growth keeping up with your distribution channel costs? Not according to the Hospitality Asset Managers Association. HAMA finds that guest acquisition and cost increased 23% from 2009-2012--about equal to revenue growth for the same time period.
"What's going to be more and more important is weighing the value of each channel," said Marquis.  "The metric to use is not RevPAR. It is net revenue that includes distribution costs for guest acquisition."
The direct channel is about 10-15 times cheaper than OTAs and 4 to 10 times cheaper than GDS travel agents. In addition to being thrifty, direct (voice) channel bookings average a premium of 31% ADR versus the national average. Unfortunately, most properties convert only 3 or 4 out of 10 direct channel calls. That means more than 60% of potential bookings are left on the table.  "That means there's three times more revenue potential than properties currently earn," says Marquis.
White Paper: Drive + Capture + Convert = 3 Steps to Boost Direct Channel Revenue
The NAVIS white paper shows how successful hoteliers use their Drive + Capture + Convert strategies to increase direct channel sales. Executives describe how they apply the formula to generate numbers that make a stronger bottom line.

  • 7% increase in ADR
  • 9% increase in call conversion
  • $250,000 increase in outbound call revenue
  • 105% annual revenue growth

Are you ready to increase revenue from your most profitable channel and have a more direct relationship with your guests?





NAVIS Creates the Most Powerful Booking System in the VR Industry
October 24, 2014
NAVIS unveiled its new reservation Lead Management Solution that integrates online listing inquiries from the vacation rental industry’s most respected booking sites with the NAVIS Narrowcast sales and reservation solution. The online listing site interface supports inquiries from HomeAway and other listing services. NAVIS’ new Listing Lead Management system and Auto Responder creates personalized, property-specific messages that capture more leads, drive higher conversion rates and increase revenue for vacation rental (VR) operators.

NAVIS Creates the Most Powerful Booking System in the VR Industry
NAVIS Narrowcast Clients Can Now Support and Convert Listings from HomeAway and Other Respected Booking Sites at a Higher Level for More Revenue with NAVIS New Vacation Rental Lead Management Solution

October 24, 2014 – NAVIS unveiled its new reservation Lead Management Solution that integrates online listing inquiries from the vacation rental industry’s most respected booking sites with the NAVIS Narrowcast sales and reservation solution. The online listing site interface supports inquiries from HomeAway and other listing services. NAVIS’ new Listing Lead Management system and Auto Responder creates personalized, property-specific messages that capture more leads, drive higher conversion rates and increase revenue for vacation rental (VR) operators.

NAVIS is the leading reservation sales and marketing system provider for the vacation rental, resort, and hotel markets. Click here to learn more about how the NAVIS Listing Lead Management system increases revenue for VR operators.

Auto Responder + Lead Management solutions are free of charge to NAVIS Narrowcast clients
“NAVIS developed the most powerful booking, lead management and automated communication tool for the vacation rental industry,” said Michelle Marquis, NCP, NAVIS’ vice president of marketing and strategic initiatives. “NAVIS Narrowcast clients can use our new VR Lead Management solution and Auto Responder to manage and convert their listings from the most popular listing sites at a much higher level to generate more revenue. Best of all, the new Lead Management + Auto Responder solutions are free of charge for all NAVIS Narrowcast users. We invite everyone to come by our booth at VRMA14 and be first to see how the new NAVIS Lead Management solution can strengthen their operation.”

NAVIS’ listing Lead Management solution supports inquiries from HomeAway and other listing services. NAVIS seamlessly receives listing inquires in NAVIS’ Narrowcast reservation sales system. Agents are alerted to new inquiries the moment they arrive directly from within the NAVIS Narrowcast Dashboard. New Dashboard listing alerts provide a real-time summary of the prospect’s information, and property of interest. Automatic agent routing, Auto Response, and intelligent listing lead ranking algorithms present leads to agents prioritized for highest conversion and maximized revenue. The NAVIS Listing Lead Management system also lets clients track conversions and revenue attainment for optimized performance management at both the listing source and at the individual property listing level.

NAVIS Listing Lead Management combines real-time agent notification with intelligent, personalized Automated Response that lists specific date, unit and property detail to provide immediate, targeted communication to your prospects. NAVIS teamed with leading listing companies to unleash your PMS property data within Narrowcast to dispatch content rich outbound communications renters need to make an informed booking decision.

The new NAVIS Listing Lead Management system:

Enables intelligent, automated responses to inquiries based on property availability, return vs new guest, and language cues that can be used to deliver a highly personalized response
Generates response content at moment-of-inquiry, assuring that quoted rates and other critical property details are accurate and aligned with your PMS.
Increases listing inquiry conversions with automatic lead data collection for more effective reservation handling and outbound re-marketing.
Enables instant follow up to inquiries directly from Narrowcast.
Cleanses lead data; consolidates records by household, eliminates duplicates via NAVIS’ CRM.
Queues leads to the highest converter on your sales team – or uses other metric of your choice.
Allows for daily outbound queued up “leads” by agent for all types of leads.
Shows listing details from the NAVIS Lead From for informed inquiry management.
Consolidates multiple property inquiries into a single lead, clearly denoting the source of the inquiry for easy viewing.
Provides detailed listing source analysis; attributes the booking to all stages of that lead’s interactions.
Provides insightful reporting summaries on bookings, conversion, outbound revenue, and more.
NAVIS Reach drives more effective retargeted lead marketing
“NAVIS goal is to help VR operators get the best value from being partners with each of us,” said Marquis. “Our powerful new Lead Marketing System enables operators to make the most from their investment with those leads.” Marquis noted that listing site leads convert at about 5%. The new NAVIS system captures data on the 95% of leads that typically do not convert and makes that data available to NAVIS’ Reach CRM marketing tool. The result is a richer long-term prospect base and increased revenue for VR operators.

Most online listing leads sit in an operator’s email box. NAVIS Reach allows operators to segment and target those prospective guests into Household Personas and automatically market back to valuable leads. NAVIS Reach enables VRMs automatically retarget an email to somebody who showed interest this year or last but did not book. This takes lead retargeting to a more profitable level.

"The data is strong,” Marquis said. “NAVIS Narrowcast revenue that comes from listings sites such as HomeAway and VRBO has grown from 6% just three years ago to 23%. NAVIS will continue to work with listing partners to help NAVIS Narrowcast clients manage their leads for more conversions that boost revenue now and in the future.”





“In our first few months with NAVIS, we have seen a dramatic increase in booking conversions, better ability to train our reservations team, and marketing ROI data that allows us to maximize every dollar we spend on advertising. I can't imagine doing business without NAVIS.”
Chad Linebaugh
Managing Director
Sundance Resort

"The NAVIS RezForce LUX model is by far the best reservation model I have ever worked with, especially for 5-Diamond status.”
Jeremy Fain
Director of Revenue
Ojai Valley Inn & Spa

"Prior to our NAVIS implementation, we had no systematic way of tracking incoming or outgoing calls or proactively contacting leads. Through our partnership with NAVIS, we now have the ability not only to track every single incoming inquiry, but also to record details about the caller’s needs and our responses."
Mia Vlaar
Director of Sales and Marketing
East-West Resorts


Discover How NAVIS Narrowcast...

  • Increases Reservation Conversion
  • Improves Lead Management
  • Optimizes Online and Offline Marketing



Increases Conversion

Is Your Marketing Working?

Chances are, you probably don't know. You might have a rough idea what's working and what isn't, but do you know how much revenue your campaigns are bringing in? With NAVIS Narrowcast, you will know the EXACT LEISURE REVENUE generated by each online campaign, each offline campaign and even your social media. That's right - even your social media.


It all starts with toll-free numbers. In just seconds, NAVIS Narrowcast will automatically generate a unique toll-free number for your online marketing campaigns, offline campaigns, websites, coffee cups, pens, anything that you would like to track. When someone calls that number, you can have it ring to anywhere you like - your reservations staff, your front desk, any direct dial number. Every call from that toll free number is automatically tracked in NAVIS Narrowcast, and the audio for every call is also recorded for coaching, compliance and validation purposes.

The nice thing is, you are never alone. Your NAVIS Client Advocate is with you every step of the way. Read about that next.

Your Professional Business Coach

Until you experience the real success that your NAVIS Client Advocate brings to you and your resort or hotel, it's difficult to fully appreciate their role. The best way to look at your CA is as your professional business coach. While no one knows your business as well as you, your NAVIS Client Advocate can help you get the most from the NAVIS Reservation Sales System and the NAVIS Best Practices.

Your CA becomes your trusted advisor who can share with you what works and what doesn't, what has proven to increase leisure revenue and what hasn't. With the reporting tools available to your CA such as the Key Performance Indicators, your CA can pinpoint exactly where your company is missing opportunities for more revenue and help you stay on the track to success.

Plus, NAVIS CAs bring with them an extensive background in the hospitality industry and business. Combine that with the knowledge they've gained from working directly with other NAVIS clients and you've got an invaluable source of expertise to help you be more successful. And the best part is, their services are included with NAVIS Narrowcast.

Brutal Honesty

Your CA's purpose (in fact, it's the purpose of the entire company) is your success. To accomplish that, your CA will use something not seen enough in business - honesty, even if it's brutal. In order to save you from committing reservation suicide, they may have to tell you some things you don't want to hear...about how someone you thought was your star performer is actually costing you money and should be put in another seat...about how you need to be more involved and stop delegating everything to your lieutenant. We've had numerous clients tell us their CA has saved the day, more than once.

Your NAVIS Client Advocate will keep you moving in the right direction - The NAVIS Way. Let's look at how NAVIS Narrowcast helps you track the success of your online marketing campaigns.



Improves Lead Management

Booked And Not-Booked Data

If you're booking 3 out of 10 inbound calls, NAVIS Narrowcast will help you increase that to 4 bookings, 5 bookings and higher. But what happens to the calls you don't book? With the Lead Management capabilities of NAVIS Narrowcast, you will book more of those as well. Here's how.

We start by capturing detailed information about your callers. In some cases, the system automatically captures the caller's name and complete address before your phone even rings. For those calls where that data is unavailable, our Enhanced Lead Management (ELM) CRM provides extensive fields for your reservation agents to capture the information manually (see sidebar).

In addition, there is a large Notes area where your reservation agent can type comments about the call. On the same form, you can also see whether the caller is a Previous Caller or a Previous Guest.

Plus, there is a field that indicates the caller's demographic profile - a code from 1 to 66. The lower the number, the higher the income category. Information is also provided that indicates the caller's Social Group and Lifestage Group. All of this data is derived from a publicly-available database that uses the caller's zip+4 address to determine their geo-demographic segments. We will cover more about the codes later.

Imagine the data you will capture every month, not just of your confirmed guests, but also from your not-booked callers. This data will become a valuable source of opportunities that can be sorted and segmented for targeted marketing.

The nice thing is, you are never alone. Your NAVIS Client Advocate is with you every step of the way


Optimizes Online and Offline Marketing

Is Your Marketing Working?

Chances are, you probably don't know. You might have a rough idea what's working and what isn't, but do you know how much revenue your campaigns are bringing in? With NAVIS Narrowcast, you will know the EXACT LEISURE REVENUE generated by each online campaign, each offline campaign and even your social media. That's right - even your social media.


It all starts with toll-free numbers. In just seconds, NAVIS Narrowcast will automatically generate a unique toll-free number for your online marketing campaigns, offline campaigns, websites, coffee cups, pens, anything that you would like to track. When someone calls that number, you can have it ring to anywhere you like - your reservations staff, your front desk, any direct dial number. Every call from that toll free number is automatically tracked in NAVIS Narrowcast, and the audio for every call is also recorded for coaching, compliance and validation purposes.




Increases RevPAR for independent hotels and resorts and keeps you ahead of your competition

NAVIS transforms your sales staff from reservation takers to reservation makers and improves productivity. Your RevPAR will increase by $7 to $10 and you will gain market share.

Lead Management

With the innovative NAVIS Narrowcast technologies, the integrated Best Practices, and our hands-on Client Advocate Consulting Team, you will bring in more leisure revenue from your inbound calls. You will know more about what's going on with your business than ever before, and be able to make smarter decisions that lead to greater success.

Instead of converting 3 out of every 10 inbound calls, and ignoring the other 7 (see the graph below), we can help you increase your inbound conversion to 4 and 5 and higher. And with the help of our outbounding Best Practices, you can convert another 1 or 2 on top of that. As your success with The NAVIS Way improves, you will go from needing 10 calls to book 3, to only needing 5 or 6 calls to book 3. Imagine what that can do for the bottom line at your resort or hotel.

Add to that the ability to finally measure both your online and offline marketing and reallocate your marketing spend to what is working best...you've got the perfect solution for being more successful.

average conversion increase with NAVIS Narrowcast: Hotel reservation software and Resort lead management system





We don't have to look very hard to find a client who will say good things about their NAVIS experience. With a client retention rate of 97%, that pretty much says it all.



The NAVIS CRM Marketing System

Plug-in to real-time actionable data from multiple sources for results-marketing and smarter business decisions

NAVIS automates messaging to your current and future guests. Your marketing will skyrocket, your customer satisfaction will improve, and you will be in the know.


Real-Time CRM Data Marketing System

Smart companies are sending the right message to profiled contacts at the right time to drive direct demand and increase leisure revenue like never before. NAVIS Reach is the only hospitality solution that accomplishes this feat, with expertise built in to every solution.

NAVIS Reach is a powerful data machine that bridges your existing booking systems, profiles your target and presents your message on a serving platter that really gets results. Stop squandering your precious time and ad dollars and instead, hit the mark with accurate CRM marketing. Here’s how it all works…

hotel marketing automation

Hotel sales and marketing automation So Much Data

NAVIS Reach is a mighty data engine that plays nice with all of your existing software – PMS, Spa and Golf reservation systems and more. It organizes all of this data in to one, user-friendly, very powerful CRM and marketing platform. In less than seconds, NAVIS Reach is then able to profile the right people with all sorts of filters. Quickly merge guest profiles by household, recognizing one home address. It gets to know your guests and creates guest personas based on their behaviors, preferences and attributes. It easily scrubs your mailing lists of future bookings when using discount messaging to prevent attrition. Corporate entities can even have multiple properties on their account and control what the individual users at the property level access. This tried and true platform allows you to reach the right people at the right time with the right message and has made countless millions of dollars in previously untapped revenue for NAVIS clients.


Hospitality marketing automation The Touch

In 3-2-1… liftoff! Included in NAVIS Reach is the free of charge e-targeting platform to put all of this data in to action. You can profile recipients in all sorts of configurations, custom design and send a campaign to their inbox in less than 5 minutes. It’s that easy – though we typically recommend an additional 5 minutes to spell check and such. The NAVIS Reach CRM can target past guests who golf in the mornings, frequent guests with an ADR of more than $600, and people who haven’t even booked before (see NarrowCast for this perk). Touch them with one-time messages or ongoing campaigns. Automated e-mail campaigns will even re-run the send list automatically to maintain only the freshest data, for the best results. Explore the many ways NAVIS Reach StayCycle and LifeCycle campaigns will boost your bottom line and have your direct channel humming.


Marketing for hotels, Marketing for resorts Expertise

NAVIS Reach Pro Services are your favorite kind of people. They’re the best and brightest marketers in the hospitality industry, doing everything from building your e-marketing strategy and custom e-marketing templates to analyzing your success with you, real-time. You’ll know exactly what you’re doing right and exactly how much (previously undiscovered) revenue you’re raking in. It seems obvious to point out, but they’re also always nearby. With regularly scheduled sessions or just being a phone call away they’re pretty much your new best friend. You really can’t lose with CRM marketing and NAVIS ProServices on your team.






A Great Place To Work

NAVIS is in the FUN market, and business is booming. Our products and services help resorts, hotels, and vacation rental management companies in North America bring in more reservations, increase revenue, and be more successful than ever before. If you are searching for a challenging position in the hospitality technology market, take a look at NAVIS.

Bend Oregon

Combining the excitement of a fast-growing company with the stability of a 27-year old, privately held business, NAVIS has established itself as THE place to work, whether in Bend, Oregon at our corporate offices, in a home office as one of our remote reservation sales associates, or in one of our satellite offices in Tempe, Arizona, Dallas, Texas, or Orlando, Florida. Add to that competitive wages, profit sharing, robust benefits, strong values and it's no wonder NAVIS was ranked by The Oregonian as a Top Place to Work in Oregon three years in a row.

For the third year in a row, NAVIS is proud to have been selected by Top Workplaces and The Oregonian as one of the 60 Top Workplaces in Oregon. For 2014 rankings, NAVIS is #11 in “The Top 30 Midsize Company” category and #1 in Central Oregon.

Many thanks to our employees for helping to make NAVIS an ongoing Top Workplace and we look forward to many more years of service for our valued clients. Your success is our purpose.

NAVIS team members enjoy coming to work, have tremendous trust and respect for each other, and love to win as much as they hate to lose. Our clients’ success is the driving force behind everything we do and the primary reason we continue to be a fast growing company. To deliver this success commitment, we strive to find the right people for the right positions.

Do you deserve to be on the NAVIS team? Do you have what it takes to contribute to the success of our clients? If you do, please check out the Current Openings at the link below and prove to us that you can make a difference.